private 6-month coaching program

If you’re tired of repeating the same old cycles in your life that are getting you no where, let’s change that. Let’s start small and start changing things in your life that are no longer serving you.

This one-on-one 6-month coaching program will focus on and honor you. You have your own unique challenges, desires and life—- different than anyone else’s. Together we will walk through the fears, lies, and misbeliefs that are holding you back from living your life. You will learn to listen to your own voice, show up for your desires and purpose in life, feel good in the body you have, and in turn, live a life you love.


some of the areas we focus on might include:

  • eating intuitively

  • hearing, trusting, and honoring your intuition

  • practicing self-care (physical, emotion, spiritual and mental)

  • healing the dieting/binge eating cycle

  • creating a healthy relationship with movement/exercise

  • developing self-compassion and confidence

  • experiencing more joy

  • following your desires and showing up authentically in your life

The 6-month coaching program includes:

  • 12, 50- minute coaching sessions, 2x a month

  • unlimited text and email support

  • personalized welcome package in the mail

  • personalized goals/intentions to focus on between sessions

  • my personal commitment to help you along your journey